“Do not dare not to dare.”

– C.S. Lewis

A little over 15 years ago, I embarked on a journey that changed my life.  I went from the standard job structure most people have (prior to COVID at least) of going into an office daily, to managing a remote team and traveling for work.  At first it wasn’t glamorous; long days and nights, driving to most destinations around the U.S., motels, fast food, etc.  But it sparked my passion for seeing what the world has to offer outside of my home locale.  Over the years I worked my way up to higher roles in larger companies and subsequently my travel was elevated as well.  Driving transitioned to flying.  Motels evolved to hotels.  And fast food, well let’s just say I prefer to order from a menu versus a menu board.  

In the beginning it was a huge learning experience.  From booking travel, to navigating airports and loyalty programs, it’s a lot to take in!  What I did notice early on, is that there is definitely something that stands out about a business traveler when you see them in an airport; they walk fast and with intention knowing where they’re going and the best way to get there.  And within a short period of time, I morphed into that traveler.  I had my airline and hotel chain of choice, I knew how to navigate airports within a timely fashion, and I leveraged loyalty programs (Delta SkyMiles and Marriott Elite) and security programs (TSA Precheck/Global Entry) to their fullest extent making travel easier and more luxurious.  

Early on the majority of my travel was across the U.S., excluding my first work trip to a call center in Jamaica.  Sure, most people don’t think of traveling nationally as all that glamorous or exciting, but once you get out there and experience some of what even the most basic Midwest states have to offer you discover that hidden gems exist everywhere.  It became my mission to have one memorable off-the-clock experience per work trip.  Whether it be a quaint little cafe with 100 years of history, or a small museum nestled away between the hustle and bustle of downtown skyscrapers, I wanted to take in all that I possibly could with each trip.  Carrying that mindset over as my business travel began to expand across North America and Europe, I quickly became immersed in all that this world truly has to offer.  Your best night or most memorable experience may be right around the next corner, and for me that is beyond exciting!

My goal in starting Traveling Bee was simple: to share my travel experiences with you.  From destinations, to tips and tricks, it’s always easier to learn from someone who has previously traveled the road you’re embarking on.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have travel as part of my “work life.”  By accumulating miles and points from business trips, I have been able to regular first class cabins across oceans and stay in five-star resorts worldwide at no out of pocket expense.  The only thing better than a great vacation, is a free vacation!  As I story tell my adventures through Traveling Bee, I encourage you to daydream your next vacation into reality and soar to new heights the world over!